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The ingenious scientist dreamed of creation of artificial life and after long years of hard work at last succeeded. In its laboratory the callous mechanism which rose against the founder and all mankind once was created perfect, but, alas. People didn't stand against mechanisms and fell in fight with them. Before the death the scientist managed to make the impossible: it installed human souls in nine rag dolls to which fight against cars is necessary now.

Doll by the name of the Ninth, having recovered in laboratory, he met with the second soon and found his own voice and learned that he is fated to unite with other dolls to save the world. But the Second almost managed to tell nothing to the Ninth as they were attacked by cars. Now the Ninth needs to meet the colleagues and to unite with them, to rescue the Second and to learn, how exactly to save situation. All nine dolls will endure dangerous adventures and learn that was wanted from them by the scientist.

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