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Tucker and Dale vs Evil poster

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

The cheerful company of students of one of the American colleges went for the weekend to the Appalachians. On the way of their SUV overtakes the truck with couple of farmers, Tucker and Dale. They go to the lake Morris where Tucker has a small mansion demanding repair. Beautiful face of the student Allison in a car window draw Dale's attention.

However isn't pleasant to guys from a brotherhood that some bumpkin admires their girlfriends. At small gas station Chad and Allison face slovenly farmers again. Tucker notices how looks at Allison Chad, and suggests it to talk to the girl. Chad's interest forces the company of students to leave gas station in a panic. Tucker and Chad afflicted with behaviour of students come to the house - the decent volume of repair work are necessary to them.

In the evening Tucker and Chad go on fishing. From Thaker's boat notices Allison - the camp of students appeared on the opposite side of the lake. The girl was just going to bathe, but from surprise loses balance and sinks. Tucker rescues Allison and takes away the insensible girl by the boat home. Other students take them for maniacs.

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