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War Machine poster

War Machine

War, this most terrible that can suit mankind on Earth. Wars begin the governments, and simple soldiers participate in them, they should enter fights, they perish in the battlefield, exactly mothers and wives, and others worry about them, what simply profit on military operations don't repent of unleashing all of new and new wars at all. However there are among command structure also such generals who begin to see clearly and then there can be such history as in this comedy movie.

The main hero of a tape, the general McChrystal, orders troops in Afghanistan, however unexpectedly starts understanding that it in vain sends the soldiers to death, after all actually useful to the country they don't do anything, and simply ruin soldiers in order that the mighty of this world profited on their sufferings even more.

The general at first tries to find adherents among the command structure when none of officers don't listen to it, he decides to address to the government of the country, however and there nobody wishes to listen to it, including its abnormal or it is simple at the person a nervous breakdown, after participation in military operations. Really the fighting general will give up or after all will think up the plan how to stop this car of war.

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