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Another Earth poster

Another Earth

The movie "Another Earth" shot in the mixed genre of science fiction, the drama and a fantasy acquaints TV viewers with opening history in Solar System of the planet identical to Earth. Scientists find on it oceans and continents and find out that the planet is occupied by people. The only thing that distinguishes the planet double from Earth is a reverse motion of events. The student of astronomical faculty by the name of Rada is involved in accident in which the family of the talented composer John perishes.

The man falls into a deep depression, and Rada appears in prison. Having been released, the girl looks for meetings with John that will speak, but the composer doesn't wish it to listen. Soon Rada settles to John's house the housemaid, suppressing that fact that she is guilty of death of his family. The chance to visit the planet double to find out is provided to the girl, whether it can return events back and prevent the tragedy.

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