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Ex Machina poster

Ex Machina

Ex Machina centers around the story of a young programmer who has been selected to take part in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence. Gifted computer programmer Caleb Smith bags the chance to spend a week in the luxurious and isolated residence of Nathan Bateman, the CEO of Blue Book, the software company he works for.

His real job, however, is to evaluate Ava, a humanoid robot with Artificial Intelligence, by administering a Turing Test. Having already surpassed a simple Turing Test, Nathan now wants Caleb to identify if he can relate to Ava, and if Ava is truly capable of thought and consciousness. But as Caleb begins to spend more time and grows closer to Ava, he begins to realize that all may not be as it seems. Will Ava ultimately pass Caleb’s Turing Test? Is Nathan really the man he shows himself to be? Find out as you watch this movie that is equal parts science fiction and psychological thriller.

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