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10 Things I Hate About You poster

10 Things I Hate About You

Action movie taking place nowadays in the United States. Cute girl Bianca Stratford is very popular at school, it decided to look after two guys — James Cameron school new student and local twink model Joey Donner. Older sister Bianca is Katarina attends the same school, but is known for its difficult nature, hating guys love fall into trouble and a girl "Daredevil," which is not afraid of anyone or anything.

When Cameron invites Bjanku to date, the girl is facing a serious challenge. The father did not allow her to go because of the minority, but agreed to a compromise: If the Cat goes on a date with a guy, and Bianca be able to go too. However, finding a guy for capricious Cat is not so easy. Then Bianca and Cameron go to trick, they pay senior Patrick, so he started actively care for Kate. Why would this story?

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