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From Hell poster

From Hell

Action detective thriller, "From Hell" occur at the end of the 19th century, in London. In one of the most dangerous areas of the city comes an eerie, brutal murder of street prostitutes. The mysterious and elusive killer commits its ruthless crime. Not feeling fear, not when you make mistakes, leaving no evidence it acts judiciously and very clearly.

The investigation of murders engaged police inspector Fred Jebberlajn, who with the help of large doses of opium enhances your natural gift of seeing the future in dreams. On the found victims, it becomes clear that a serial killer knows the anatomy and could become a brilliant surgeon. But instead, he became the most famous serial killer, whom the world knows by the nickname Jack the Ripper.

In its investigation the Inspector Jebberlajnu manages to get to the closest offender, but each time the Ripper manages to slip away. Jebberlajn concludes that the authorities in London not only not in a hurry to catch the killer, but also impede the investigation, sending it to the other side. The only one-sided communication with the offender are his letters to the times, which he signs with just two words: "From Hell".

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